Our School Family Vision Statement

Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School is a community based upon the flourishing of the whole person through the pursuit of 8 Virtues:

The teaching of these Catholic Virtues not only enhances the education of the individual and respects their dignity, it promotes the common good, inspiring our school family to excel in all our God given talents, with whom all things are possible

With Christ as our Teacher and Mary as our Model, we will inspire each other by:

  • Recognising and celebrating the unique and God given gifts and talents of each member of our school family.
  • Listening to and valuing each other’s contributions.
  • Fostering respect for ourselves, all human-beings, and the world God gave us to live in.
  • Celebrating diversity and respecting different beliefs, cultures and ways of life.
  • Sharing our gifts and talents with all.

With Christ as our Teacher and Mary as our Model, we will achieve excellence by:

  • Setting high expectations for our spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.
  • Providing an inclusive, challenging and meaningful learning experience, where creativity and personality are allowed to blossom and thrive and where independence, motivation and perseverance become life-long skills.  
  • Promoting the highest standard of teaching which engages all learners.
  • Challenging everyone to become independent learners with enquiring minds and positive attitudes.
  • Nurturing a strong learning partnership between home, school, parish and our wider communities.

With Christ as our Teacher and Mary as our Model, we will all grow in our knowledge and understanding of the Gospel Virtues by:                        

  • Supporting the faith and spiritual life of each person, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church and the saving light of the Gospel
  • Practising the Virtues to further the call to live life to the full.
  • Following in the footsteps of Jesus, in all that we think, say and do, so that our lives are a living witness to the Gospel – know this in your head, feel this in your heart and show this with your hands
  • Understanding our uniqueness and dignity as children of God, made in his own image and likeness.
  • Praying and worshipping together, enriching our relationship with God.
  • Ensuring that compassion and forgiveness are strong, and forever present in all that we do.
  • Growing in our awareness of God’s unchanging love for each of us.